MRMI (Medical Response to Major Incidents)


Invitation to the first Norwegian MRMI (Medical Response to Major Incidents) course

THIS IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!! Deadline for application December 3rd 2014! First come first served.
The aim of the course is to gather you as a key person and opinion maker in trauma care and preparedness from any involved personnel group (nurses, paramedics, ambulance staff, surgeons, anaesthetists, administrative personnel, dispatch center personnel) and from all health regions in Norway, in order to create a national forum for discussion and an arena for MCI training The course is organized by the department of Traumatology, OUHU, in cooperation with the National Advisory Unit for Trauma, who has offered to cover the course fee for you as a participant, as well as planned social events. Don’t hesitate to fill out the form (link). You can’t miss out on this!!

Time: January 28-30, 2015 (Instructor training January 27-30)
Location: Oslo University Hospital Ullevål (OUHU), Oslo, Norway
Chairman of MRMI faculty: Sten Lennquist
Chairman, local organizing committee: Tina Gaarder, OUHU
Design of the course
The course is based on an advanced simulation model training the whole chain of response: Scene, transport, hospitals, coordination & command, including also training in triage and individual patient-management. It is totally interactive, starting with one day of preparative training in groups, followed by two full days of simulation exercises with all participants active in their normal positions and with careful evaluation and analysis of the result of the response. This requires a distribution of participants in accordance with the roles during the simulation exercise. In the standardized application form, the applicant has to indicate his/her preference and competence for the different roles and this may be used in the composition of participants.
Instructor training
Instructor training is offered to a limited number of participants who previously have passed a basic course and/or have specific qualifications meriting for instructor training.
Accommodation and travel expenses are not included.
No course fees! This is an introductory course covered by the National Advisory Unit for Trauma
(Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste for traumatologi)

Number of participants limited.
Welcome with your application