2:nd EVTM Symposium arrangeres i juni 2018

Det andre internasjonale rundebord-symposium med tema Trauma, resucitation and Bleeding Management with Endovascular and Hybrid Surgical Methods, arrangeres i Örebro, Sverige fra 7. til 9. juni 2018.

Symposiet arrangeres av EVMT Society. På nettsiden presenterer de årets symposium med ordene:
Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this paradigm shift!
Its about endovascular and open methods for hemmorage control (ENDOVASCULAR RESUSCITATION), REBOA, vascular injuries, complexed trauma, iatrogenic and spontaneous bleeding as well as PPH. REBOA for non-trauma and other endo methods… Exciting developments that are in clinical use! Huge faculty with one aim- share and debate the exciting developments in bleeding control and resuscitation. We aim this meeting to be a place to meet, discuss and create new cooperations!

Følgende temaer og sesjoner står på programmet:

  • EVTM practical issues and multidisciplinary approach
  • Vascular access in resucitation, bleeding & trauma patients
  • Updates on REBOA in trauma and bleeding
  • Zone zone III REBOA and pelvic bleeders
  • Training aspects of EVTM and REBOA
  • Pre-hopsital and military REBOA & EVTM issues
  • Endovasucular and hybrid techinuqes for bleeding control & hemodynamic control Vascular injuries EVTM treatment- open and endo; viceral bleeding
  • Endogarafts and embolization in bleeding patients
  • Non-trauma and CPR REBOA; What to do and when?
  • Complications, anesthisiological and ICU aspects; medical treatment and other adjuncts in bleeding Translational, clinical research and new technologies in EVTM and REBOA
  • Debates, panel discussions & live feeds on social media

Du finner mer informasjon på jevtm.com, eller gå direkte til påmelding eller programmet via disse lenkene: